Nice to see this site back in action.
hi can you give advice on installing a 2600xr uniden alarm
Cool thanks, its got a rattle coming from it
I have used a company in chch twice, been great job and they back it too: [link]
Anyone recommend where i can send an arvus 6inch to get looked at? Thanks
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NZExcursion posted Mar 27, 15

Any retaiers/importers out there want to pm me as I can setup a tag next to your username so it links to the retailers corner section, here you can post what products/services your company has and sells.

Link here shows what the tag would look like, tag is showen next to your username and below your post count.

Also If there area any retailers here that would like nzice to post some free site banners or advesting for them pm me.


NZExcursion posted Jan 11, 15
nzice is now running an online chat program & shoutbox

so if you need help while in the middle of an install and need advice quickly, check to see if someone is in the chat room and they might be able to lean you a hand without having to post a thread and what for it to be answered.



NZExcursion posted Jan 10, 15

Since the old nzice forums are down and hasn't been updated for sometime we thought we should make a fresh new site. (this will be the starting point too see if it worth making a new site or not)

with the new site we are wanting it to be easy to read and navigate for everyone, also this new site will be running the old address ( and we are currently in the middle of carrying over the old nzice data to this new site so we don't lose all the great info that was on there.

as for advertising the new site I will be running with Google analytics, so hope to pick up more people from that. should take a couple of weeks to enter googles search system but if you
know people from the old site please get in contact with them to get this new site up and running, any help to get the site out there would be great.

I will be posting on facebook pages so please like/thumbs up the post to help get this site under way to get people back and active into car audio again.

If you have any feedback or want to help out with the site leave a message below or post under the feedback forum.

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